How to keep your mirrors sparkly clean

Wall mirrors around your home can potentially add to your home’s beauty, but dirty and stained mirrors simply make your home look messy. Here are some tips on how to keep your mirror looking clean and new:

Eliminate Dirt and Dust Particles before Cleaning
It might be enticing to get right to cleaning when you need to clean your mirrors, however, doing this will make it harder to get a spotless look as you will unfortunately be working against your efforts. Make sure you wipe down your mirrors with a duster or soft cloth, which will
prepare the mirrors to be cleaned correctly.

Prepare a homemade cleaner
Making your window cleaner can be a more reliable and healthy option. Just mix 2 cups of water, ¼ cup of white vinegar, and ½ teaspoon of dish detergent. Be sure to wipe down your mirror with a duster before using your cleaner.

White Vinegar for Water Stains
If your mirror has water stains that are not coming off, put white vinegar directly on the stains letting it act for a few minutes, then wipe it away with a cloth.

These are just a few tips to keep your mirrors looking squeaky clean. For information on custom mirrors in the Destin area, contact Guys, Glass, and Mirror today!

Glass Tabletops

Glass surfaces can be a great addition to any living space since they look timeless and can be easily cleaned. When it comes to choosing the correct glass tabletop you should take into account the following.

The sturdiness of the tabletop will be determined in huge part by the thickness of the glass. It is important to know that the glass is thick enough to not shatter if it has some sort of impact. Additionally, thicker glass is less likely to be scratched. Depending on how much traffic the tabletop will see this is an important point to consider.

Although most people look for the most transparent glass for their tabletops, it is important to compare all the options of what level of transparency works for you. It is important to consider the use you will be giving to the tabletop to select the correct one.

Do you have small children in the home or that visit often? Then it’s a good idea to consider a tempered, safety tabletop. This will provide both a great look and safety for your family.

No matter what you decide, the team at Guys Glass and Mirror is here to help. From tinted glass tops, patterned glass to custom edging and plexiglass, we have it all. Contact us today to get started. Get your free quote today!

Shower Glass Doors: How to clean stubborn Soap Scum and Mildew

Cleaning your shower doors can become rather difficult over time because of soap scum and mildew. As much as you may try at times to get rid of the streaks and spots sometimes, they just won’t budge. But here a few methods that may come in handy next time you find yourself struggling.

Soap Scum and Water Spots
Many cleaners promise to get rid of these stains but at the end do not work. The perfect cleaner for soap scum and water spots is vinegar. Use a sponge or rag to apply the vinegar throughout the whole door, keeping the vinegar wet for at least 5 minutes, continue applying so it does not dry. The vinegar makes the soap scum and water spots dissolve leaving your glass door shiny clean. Once the necessary time has passed rinse with warm water. For stubborn problems you can try boiling the vinegar and applying it, but you must be very careful when doing this.

While soap scum is harmless, mildew is very different. It is a fungus that can cause allergies to flare up which may cause you to get sick. This black, pink or green growth shows up on your doors, especially around the edges.
Getting rid of mildew is fairly easy, all you need is hydrogen peroxide or chlorine. Spray the area and wipe, this kills the mold. To keep mold from growing, leave the shower door open after using it to allow the air to circulate.

So, we hope these few tips will help you maintain your glass doors. And if you are looking to upgrade your shower glass doors contact us at Guys, Glass and Mirror today.

Enlarge your Space with Mirrors

Mirrors can act as a great decorating tool for your home. They help enlarge rooms and add natural light to a dark room. A large custom area mirror that reflects the room back to you will give the illusion of the space looking larger. If you are looking for a way to make your ceiling look higher, we recommend using a mirror that almost reaches it.

Turning a long skinny mirror on its side will add length to a short wall, making a room appear longer. Hanging mirrors in groups is a great decorating idea that will become the focal point of any room and make it look more appealing.

So, if you have small dark rooms in your home mirrors are a great solution. Here at Guys, Glass and Mirror we are happy to help you with your mirror needs. Give us a call today to discuss your vision with us

Broken Glass Replacement

Broken windows pose several different problems for homeowners. Broken glass is a safety risk, it must be cleaned up and repaired as quickly as possible. A broken window causes security issues for the home. It makes it easy for anybody to get in and out which leads to theft and vandalism.

As much as we love DIY projects, is a big task which requires a certain level of skill set. Large windows and heavy frames can be quite a challenge for anybody that isn’t a professional. It’s important that windows fit and seal correctly. If this is not done properly you can be looking at higher energy costs and an increase in dust and bugs in your home.

That’s why here at Guy’s, Glass and Mirror we offer you a quick response to your broken window needs. Our professional services will keep your mind at ease knowing that your window has been installed correctly. Contact us today to get a free estimate. The team at Guy’s, Glass and Mirror is here to help you

Spring Trend: Glass Shower Enclosure

If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom, this year’s most popular bathroom trend is the Shower Glass Enclosure. This will change the way your bathroom looks making it look super tall, visually seamless and extremely unique. A glass enclosure will hold its looks and its value for years giving it a long-term benefit. A well-planned glass enclosure can open up a tight space, creating an inviting bathroom that also adds to the resale value of your home.

Here at Guy Glass & Mirror we offer a variety of options in glass and an array of finishes for your Shower Glass Enclosure.

For more information contact us at Guy Glass & Mirror. Let the glass experts help you today!

Why frameless shower doors?

Are you starting to plan your bathroom remodel or new build? As you get started, one of the most important decisions to make is whether or not you want a shower door and what type. One popular option is a frameless glass shower door. In recent years the popularity of frameless glass shower doors has skyrocketed. Here are some benefits of opting for this shower door:

-The majority of frameless doors are custom made. You have the flexibility to choose size, design, not being limited to mass-produced shower doors.
-They don’t look bulky since there is no need for any heavy frame. Instead they give your bathroom a clean, fresh look. 
-Minimizes incidents of mold. With no framing or bulky seals, frameless shower doors have less places for water to collect and mold to grow.
-Shows off any shower tile design you may be looking to add as well.
-No risk of water build-up underneath the shower door’s seals. This means no mold or mildew can form. 
-Easy to clean. No need to scrub the glass, just a simple wipe and squeegee and you are done.

For frameless glass shower doors in Destin, Santa Rosa Beach and Miramar Beach call Guys Glass & Mirror.

The team at Guys Glass & Mirror is here to help you customize your frameless glass shower door. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Glass Shower Door Specialists

Guy’s Glass & Mirror is your local source for glass shower door specialists. Our glass showers add a sophisticated feel to the bathroom of your dreams. Frameless shower doors along with bathroom mirrors and glass tub enclosures can all be used in your bathroom to create an atmosphere that is bright and inviting.

Guy’s Glass & Mirror are your Destin glass shower door specialists!

Having the right glass shower doors installed in your Destin bathroom can completely transform a space. Whether you are remodeling an existing bathroom or adding a new bathroom to your home, contact our glass shower door specialists. Our highly trained technicians will come to your home or condo to measure your space and provide you with a quote. We have a wide array of glass to choose from, including clear, obscure, pattern and heavy 3/8″ glass. There are also numerous finishes, including brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and chrome.

Call us today for a free estimate.

Our family-owned business has served locals in Destin, Florida since 1980. We are here to help you achieve the bathroom design you’ve been dreaming of. Give your glass shower door specialists in Destin a call at 850-837-9715 today to get started.

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Destin Mirror Replacement

Have you been looking for mirror replacement in Destin? Make Guys Glass and Mirror your go-to company. Our team of professionals can furnish or repair your mirror needs. There’s no need to squint to see yourself through cracked or foggy glass. Make sure you are looking your best with a fully functional full-length mirror.

Look no further, Guys Glass and Mirror is here to serve your Destin Mirror Repair needs!

Apart from repair, our team is also equipped to install exercise room mirrors, entire mirrored-walls and vanities. Looking to add a sense of vintage to your home? Tinted and antique mirrors would be perfect.

Give our team a call today to get started. Our mirror repair in Destin offers the highest quality or work around. We guarantee you will be happy with our results.

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